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Career Programs

Helping students achieve their goals, even after they have earned their high school diploma.

Part of our Career Prep mission is to help you earn at least one or more career certification that employers want and will assist you toward academic and career success, at the same time as you earn your high school diploma. Through the various career certification tracks and pathways, Career Prep offers opportunities to gain valuable hands-on and high-demand career skills. With Career Prep, before you graduate, you will have what you need for what happens next. Whether you plan to continue your education, pursue a full-time career, or work in a skilled trade, Career Prep is here to help you succeed! You will have the resources, support and assistance you deserve and need for a lifetime of success.

Tools For Success

As a Career Prep Student, we will help you create a career portfolio before you graduate, that includes your earned career certificates, resume, cover letter and other documents you will need to be successful. Your coursework will also include information on different career tracks and pathways related to your learning. Additional career-focused and certification courses are offered to equip you for high-demand jobs. Career Prep teachers and staff are always available to guide your selections and discuss all the education and career options that align with your ambitions after graduation.

Interview Preparation

You will have the opportunity to engage and interview with business leaders and employers in your local community. In preparation for these activities, Career Prep offers interview strategies and skills, including how to answer commonly asked questions, resume preparation 101, and how to dress for a successful interview. Equipped with the right tools, you will feel confident walking into your next job interview, and continued success in your future career.

Find Your Path

Unsure what of what the future may hold for you after high school graduation? We will guide you in the exploration of your academic and career journey, and the possibilities of what it might be. You can choose to take advantage of a deep dive into your career ambitions and how you can achieve your goals and Own It!.